Plug into Good Works

Do you sometimes wonder why some people stick to a course or a Job that in your imagination cannot meet their financial expectations or a CEO seems to willingly undergo the rigors of running a brilliant business idea without much financial inputs at the end of the financial year?

Am not trying to justify mediocrity, but in my opinion, I have come to believe that money is not everything, though the bible says that it is a defence; it also warns that the love of money is evil. So while we guard our hearts against the love of money and seek out ways of multiplying it, to enable it defend our needs, we must consciously seek fulfilment along that path.

Fulfilment will come to us when we seek to add value to the lives, organizations or families that God brings our way. If you constantly deal with depression or manic seasons in your life, then you have to deliberately plug into good works. Get excited and passionate about adding value to the lives around you. Do a soul search and find out what moves you to compassion or anger about these lives, then plug into action.

You do not necessarily need to give them money; a word of encouragement, a simile, a hug, a text massage, a listening ear, a surprise visit, voluntary work, an offer to babysit, to say a few. The bottom line is that you are adding value to life. According to Web MD, “Some people find that volunteer work is a good way to get back into the swing of things”. Appropriate value demands you study the person (object of value) and yourself (your value system) to know the right approach to use.

Never seek to act without the permission of the person, somehow you will know because you will have basic common interest. If you are female, stick to female and vice visa. If it is female to male or male to female, ensure that the relationship is well defined, let them know your values and your boundaries. 

Values and boundaries naturally characterize every relationship.
In all you do, please let the desire to please God and positively impacting lives be your compelling thought as you plug into good works. With time, fulfilment will come to you and you will spend less time worrying about your mood swings or how people feel
about you. Cheers!

Heavenly Father, I ask for the grace to not only maintain good works but to always plug into good works, so that I will not be found wanting in any way, this I ask in Jesus Name, Amen.

Exodus 23:25; Titus 3:14

Kindly Remember
·        That you have to take your medication(s) as prescribed by the doctors
·        That you don’t have to avoid your appointments with your physician.
·        That you have to rest well, eat healthy, exercise safely, and avoid stress.
·        That you can pray over your medications that; they will work perfectly for you without side effects.
·        That you can pray to God to perfect all that concerns your mental health.
My name is Precious, I was Bi-polar, and I live a full life

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