Welcome to another year. It’s not just another year, it’s Year 2017, the year we all have been waiting eagerly to transition into. Now that we have arrived, it is critical that we never forget that, life is unfolded in moments. A moment lost is lost forever. Manage your moments. You know how you tell yourself, ‘I can’t do this now because this and that is not available….or when the time comes, I will do this?’ Truth is, the best time to start is now. There will never be a day when the time will stand still waiting for you. Life is constantly on a move. Question is, are you?

I have several ‘legitimate’ excuses to wait and flow with my circumstances, but in pursuit of a meaningful life and in living a full life, each day, I’m intentionally living irrespective of my limitations. Some days are cool; you wake up excited with a clear sense of what to do next. Some days, there’s the feeling of despair to deal with before any meaningful work is done. Other days, you just have to deal with the voice within and tell yourself that you have enough strength to keep going, whatever the scenario, remember that life is unfolded in moments and moments are created each day. So be intentional about the things you want to achieve this year. It’s a fresh start. Leave the sad memories and unpleasant thoughts that put you down where they belong in the past and start now.

Start smiling again. Start your medication again. Start your hospital appointments again. Start exercising again. Start that healthy meal plan again. Start singing again. Start writing again, start reading again; start living and not just existing. Start again. Nothing good comes on a silver platter. Managing your mental health is not different. You need to take purposeful steps towards making this year a crisis-free year for you.

My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full life

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