Mental Health Awareness Month || What is it like to live with a Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis?

Mental Health Awareness Month || What is it like to live with a Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis?
Have you ever felt a relieving sense of peace because you confided in someone you can trust? Thats how I feel each time I get an opportunity to share about my journey with bipolar polar disorder. It isnt so much about confiding in someone I can trust but much more about sharing to demystify the stigma associated with mental illness. A stigma that suggests that, silence is golden, even when it is at the detriment of ones mental wellbeing. Every time I get to share about my sixteen years plus journey with bipolar disorder, I feel relieved, peaceful and freed! This wasnt always the case with me. LOL!

In 2004, by the time I went back to the university to study Theatre Arts, after completing my Diploma-in-Law certification, I was one year plus into my journey with Bipolar Disorder. I was advised to keep the diagnosis to myself and try to cope. I was told that even if I didnt meet the mark, I will still be loved and I will still be my parentschild. I was reminded that God is with me always and that He would help me. I was told to be strong. Being allowed to continue my education the face of the intense psychotic episode I was recovering from was a huge step of faith from my parents. In retrospect, they gave me the permission to blossom. And, I DARE TO BLOSSOM.

I Dare To Blossom even on the days when it seems as though my manic seasons are dominating and trying to make a mess of my character.

I Dare To Blossom even on days when depression pays an unannounced visit in the company of a low mood swing.

I Dare To Blossom even though Im aware that Bipolar Disorder is, a mental condition marked by alternating periods of elation and depression.

Now that you have an idea of what Bipolar Disorder is about, please can some of us stop using bipolar as an adjective to describe our thoughts of how unreliable Politicians are or how inconsistent a person is? Bipolar Disorder is a Noun NOT an Adjective.

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental health condition that requires love support, understanding, medication in some cases and definitely the professional services of a psychologist, psychiatrists, or clinicians.

Now that you know, please #curethestigma by giving persons living with bipolar disorder the permission to Blossom. Stop labelling them!


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