Transitions are inevitable

Here I am again, slowing entering into my shell because I feel very hurt, disappointed in myself, guilt seems to be catching up with me and all I can do is blame myself for the way I feel…!

This morning, as I walked down to the office where I work, it occurred to me that I needed to do a reflective thinking on my life, I believe this will help me put things in proper perspective. Things for me include the present indiscipline in my relationship with God which is creeping fast into my other significant relationships.

As much as I know am particularly prone to exhibiting high emotions, as a result of a history of Bi- Polar, I know it’s no excuse for me to live my life on the side effects of an overly emotional person. I know I have God, my heavenly farther to relate with, if I want to maintain relevance with what is relevant in life.

I’m quick to recall an experience I had recently, I was walking by a primary school building engrossed in my own thoughts. I was jerked back to consciousness when I heard the voice of a young boy between the ages of six or seven years, say:  “please ma, can you cross me over to the other side of the road?” He wanted me to hold his hand and cross him to the other side of the road to avoid being knocked down by a fast moving vehicle.

As I held his hand and crossed him confidently to the other side, I muttered a prayer in my heart, ‘Lord please, like this little boy, cross me over to the other side, take me to the next phase, I need your help, am confused and cannot help myself, please come through for me Lord’.

I heard a reply, “but you have to be teachable, willing to trust and follow when you put your hand in my hand expecting me to cross you over. Are you ready to do that?”
I know I like to do that, but being ready for me, means being disciplined to follow through with instructions as God leads!

Please my dear friend, I don’t know the state of your emotions today or how you feel about the situation you find yourself in now. Maybe you can identify with the way I feel or maybe not. But please, before you accuse yourself or anyone for your state of mind or happenings in your life, do reflect on your actions lately, are they productive? Make up your mind to realign to what is productive; this will make your transition into your next phrase tangible.

Heavenly Father, I come to you just as I am, lead me in the way I should go and give me your rest in Jesus Name, Amen. (Isaiah 48:17 – 18, Matthew : 11: 28 – 30)

My name is Precious, I was Bi-polar, and I live a full life

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