Sitting there in the class, the words hit me, and I just could not resist the urge to pray. “Lord, please do not leave me to myself”.  This was discipleship class, and we were studying Genesis 17. Previously, we had studied Genesis 15, and saw how Abraham’s lost faith in God’s promise to him and settled for his wife’s counsel to marry Hagar. I believe from that point, that Abraham felt emptiness in his soul, confusion. I mean, for the first time, we see Sarah’s wrath and reaction to Hagar. We see Hagar’s insubordination.  All of these happened in Genesis 15. Personally, the beauty of being a part of this discipleship class is the grace to just see myself in scriptures, the grace to feel what these bible characters may have felt and the joy of knowing that they survived because God helped them. God did not leave them to themselves!

Back to contemporary times where we find ourselves, it’s important to note that the issues that prevailed in whatever era there was then, whether the medieval era or the bible times, are still the issues we are faced with today. I believe that the only difference is, these days, they seem to come disguised! Ecclesiastes 1: 9

Take for instance, the issue of mood swing. 

Irrespective of your personality type, social economic class or positioning, if your heart is not guarded, you can experience mood swings!

Sad truth is that if you are not conscious of your low mood bits, mood swing becomes reoccurring and this has several unpleasant consequences. Chief among these unpleasant circumstances is suicide. I am not just referring to the physical act of taking one’s life, what about the suicide of dreams and visions, aspirations, love, joy and peace…?

If we want to live and not just exist as Salt Essien Nelson  puts it in her recent blog post, we have to be conscious of our decisions.
Abraham consented to a decision he probably didn’t understand fully (Genesis 15) Elijah in I kings 19 decided that it was enough and he could no longer go on. In these two instances, because of unguarded thought processes, a feeling of self pity and fear, these fellows made less than honourable decisions.

What decisions do you make? And how do you make them?

I have had to deal with mood swings in the past few weeks and seriously speaking, I also found myself on the verge of making less than honourable decisions. My experience left me wondering? What exactly causes mood swings? What can one do to prevent mood swing, or are they inevitable?
In my next post, I will share my personal experience with Mood swing. Till then, please commit your heart to God, and guard your heart with His word, because the issues of life won’t stop breathing out from the thoughts of our hearts!

My name is precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full life
Heavenly Father, I commit my thoughts and my emotion to you. I am confident that you created me in a fearful and wonderful way and your thoughts for me are peaceful, so I ask that you will help me channel my thoughts and emotions productively, in Jesus Name, Amen. Psalms 139: 14, Jeremiah 29: 11
I kings 19: 4, Genesis 15, 17, Proverbs 4: 23, Ecclesiastes 1: 4, 9-10
Discipleship Class anchored by and

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