My Mother’s love for her children is golden!

Today is my mummy’s birthday. It feels good to still be able to call her, ‘mummy’, and for this, I am grateful to God for persevering her for us.

My mum is a unique person. Aside from her natural and pure beauty, she has a beautiful heart of Gold.

Mum, Happy Birthday.

Thank you for everything. We love and appreciate you!

For carrying me for 9 months in your womb and nurturing me till date, despite life’s test and trials. Thank you.
For the seven different times your carried each of us (siblings) in your womb. Thank you.
For your prayers and love. Thank you.
For your strength in the face of adversity.Thank you.
For the tenacity and resilience with which you go about life. Thank you.
For constantly checking on us, even as adults. Thank you.
For your quiet yet powerful disposition to life. Thank you.
For your kindness. Thank you.
For all the things you had to go through because of motherhood. Thank you.
For always checking on me to be sure I am okay. Thank you.
Chief OgheneKaro of Udu Kingdom, Delta State.
For your Value systems. Thank you.
Most importantly,
For showing me how to love God at a tender age. Thank you.
We love you Beautiful Mama.

Traditional outfit for Chieftaincy Coronation

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