She Writes Woman’s 2nd Anniversary | April 28th, 2018

She Writes Woman’s 2nd Anniversary | April 28th, 2018

She writes Woman was founded by Hauwa Ojeifo with the objective of normalising the conversation on mental health and illnesses by giving mental health a voice in Nigeria.  Even though I had resulted to writing about my bipolar journey as a way of creating awareness for mental health and reducing the stigma, when  I first came across the She Writes Woman Facebook page I was excited. And I am still very excited as I write this. Why? Because, when I was diagnosis in 2003 with Bipolar Disorder, the first thing I did was to search for a platform here in Nigeria, where mental health issues were discussed, more like a support group, and in the absence of non, In 2014, I started blogging about my journey. My blog became my safe place.  

There is so much discrimination and stigma about mental health in Nigeria, and I’m beginning to understand that globally, mental health stigma is a real concerns because the society has little or no understanding of mental health issues. This is why Hauwa must be applauded for her courage in ensuring that Nigerians have a safe place and a confidential 24/7 help line for mental health first aid.

Again, Hauwa must also be applauded for taking me out of my shell to be a speaking guest at the She Writes Woman’s 2nd year Anniversary. My session had the title: Single To Married: A Woman’s Mental Health. Mrs MOFOLUSADE SONAIKE, the Founder of  was also a speaking guest on this session.

From sharing, to dancing, to the music, and to learning from the other speakers, I had a really refreshing time.

 Here are a few highlights from some of the speakers.

Embrace your reality. That’s the first step to finding your voice.
As human beings we were born to inspire. 

Usually, the only way you can inspire is to be yourself, your real self.
Find your voice and live your biggest dreams
. Each of us has what it takes to succeed on their own Lanes. 

There are no extra-ordinary people but people who apply extra ordinary principles.

Who are the people you admire?
Why do you admire them? In some cases, it’s the power of resilience they display.

The people we admire are people we want to become.

Pay attention to the people you are attracted to. 
Your voice is important. 

Allow yourself to be.
Enjoy who you are.

The most powerful expression of your brand is to be who you are.
Every message has an audience. 
Embrace your personal power. Embrace yourself!

You matter.

Your voice matter.
You rob the world when you refuse to express yourself. 

Mindfulness is paying attention to the moment without being judgmental.
One way to practice mindfulness is to positively affirm yourself. There’s so much power in positive affirmations.

The moment your story begins to feel stale to you then you know it’s time to check your motives again. Properly, it’s time to evolve.

As a woman, you need to run you home and still your business. You need to learn to delegate and you need to continually improve yourself. Before you got married, what were you passionate about? You need to discover yourself before you get in to marriage. And in marriage don’t forget yourself. Add value to you home and pursue your dreams.


Sharing our stories makes us vulnerable but if we are certain that the motive of sharing is to encourage another person and not to seek attention, then we are good to go.

Honesty with ones’s self and one’s future spouse about a mental health diagnosis, gives the future spouse and opportunity to make an informed decision of whether to marry or not to marry.

Your mental health is a priority. So, rest when you need to rest without feeling guilty of being lazy.

People are responsible for what they say, not how what they say make you feel. Take responsibility for your emotions without disliking yourself. Love yourself regardless.

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