Take Control!

Take Control!

I know when my natural being wants to give expression. I know how it wants to vent and really say it as it ‘feels’. I know that this can lead to self-inflicted pain after the scene.  I know that there is nothing in it to  inspire someone else so I try to resist  it. Taking control isn’t an easy task. Taking  control requires all your senses to be alert and a deliberate mindfulness to do the right thing.

Take control. 
Take control by constantly improving your character. 
By being committed to becoming a better version of yourself.
By asking the Holy Spirit to help you.
By asking for help from your support team
By acknowledging you strength and weaknesses and forging a way to survive the bad times that amplify your weaknesses. 
By being in charge of your life 
By controlling your spirit.
Take control. 
You can.
My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full life.

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