As a child I always wanted to be loved, I felt like and I still feel that life revolves around love. To live without love and loving is to do yourself and our world a great injustice.
So you can imagine the shocked expression on the face of our next door neighbour, when as a seven year old, I took a knife and attempted to stab myself. At that tender age I felt an emptiness in my soul, I expected too much from my parents especially my mum, I just wanted her to express her love to me in a rather unrealistic way that would have turned me to a spoilt brat.
The sad realisation of that incident, as I reflected on it years later, is that those were early signs of depression.
Depression is a state of the mind, when it is devoid of hope. Hope builds on expectation. The scripture says that hope maketh not ashamed. What do you build your hope on, what is your expectation? Until you start seeing differently, speaking differently, you may not experience a different feeling.
This thought is closely related to the Bible based faith, Hebrew 11 as some people like to call it. When Sarah eventually put her hope and expectations in God (The Rewarder of Diligent Seekers), she began to see her situation differently, and thus faith grew in her heart!
 Interestingly, Sarah started to see and speak differently, I believe she started seeing herself pregnant and started talking like an expectant mother. Hence, the scripture says …by faith Sarah received strength to conceive. Apparently, Sarah’s strength to continue did not come from her age bracket or the situation she found herself.
If you are reading this and you have had depressive seasons in your life or are still undergoing one you have to understand that your mindset has to be adjusted. Understanding the following will help you to easily adjust your mindset.

·        Understand who you are. (your SHAPE)
·        Understand what your destiny entails. (ask God in prayer)
·        Understand who is going with you.(God)
·        Understand your job description. (your purpose)
·        Live your dreams (you can achieve them)
Lord, You are acquainted with all my ways, You search me and You know me, You know my thoughts from afar and how I feel every second of the day; I commit my thoughts to You, help me to adjust my mindset to Your good, perfect and acceptable will. This I ask in Jesus Name, Amen.
Reference: Psalm 139:1-3; Hebrews 11
Kindly Remember
·        That you have to take your medication(s) as prescribed by the doctors
·        That you don’t have to avoid your appointments with your physician.
·        That you have to rest well, eat healthy, exercise safely, and avoid stress.
·        That you can pray over your medications that; they will work perfectly for you without side effects.
·        That you can pray to God to perfect all that concerns your mental health.
My name is Precious, I was Bi-polar, and I live a full life

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