Strength To Live Each Day

Strength to live each day

This post is a continuation from the last post. Do you recall that I concluded the last post by saying; we really need God on a day by day, minute by minute, second by second bases?

 The question now is, who is God? We are told in Exodus chapter three verse fourteen, that God is The I Am. He introduced himself to Moses as “I Am WHO I AM.” God is true to Himself, He’s not going to change, and He does not need me or you to be God! Wow! Am excited at this!

He is to you as clear as your perspective of him can be.

Your perspective becomes deep though your experiences and how you relate with him. From my experiences with Him, I have come to know him as my Father. He is to me, a Supreme Being, He is Jesus, and He is The Holy Spirit – the life-giving Spirit.   He is to me, God in a class of His own. He is my comforter, my provider; all of me is an expression of his grace and mercy! He is my Savior and my Lord: saves me from myself and Lord over every facet of my life! Who is God to you?

In our walk with God, let’s remember that he would not take away all the issues we deal with in one day. He will allow process to mature us!

Don’t hate yourself or wallow in self pity if it seems like you are taking your medication religiously, and praying that God will heal your mind and it seems like you are not recording the desired result.

Just continue to acknowledge God as your helper, remain faithful to God, take your meditations as prescribed, but don’t relent in your faith in God, study scriptures relating to your situations and be still in God’s presence, silent those roaring thoughts and hear what God is saying to you.

The strength to live each day depression free, aside from your medications and medical counsel will come from how much of God’s word you apply to your daily life.

Please do not relent! Overcome evil thoughts with good thoughts.  Every day you open your eyes, let you heart and lips choose God, because when you choose God, you choose joy, working out your faith with fear and trembling, as well as a long life of impact. Choose God, and chose to blossom!

My name is Precious, I was bipolar and I live a Full Life

Lord, you are my choice, my heart cry. Give me the required strength to live each day in the center of your will.

Exodus 3:14, Romans 12:21, 1 Corinthians 15:45, Philippians 4:8.

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One thought on “Strength To Live Each Day”

  1. Salt says:

    Everytime I come here I do a mental note to self to read your blog more often. Please help me by tagging me when you share to FB. Or maybe put me on your mailing list. I love the energy I feel here. Indeed God is I AM. Long ago I listened to the lovely Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin share a message on this. I love what she said and remember to this day. God is The I AM because He is so many things to the believer that were He to begin listing out who He is…Moses would still be standing by that burning bush today! God is The I AM that My God.. The I AM that is My Redeemer, the I AM that is My Song, My Shield, The Lifter of my head, my For Ever faithful Father, The Ancient of Days… see? Just like you said, your perspective or shall we say your experience of God births the reality of who He is to you…..

    My name is Salt and Precious? You inspire me. I brag on God for your life and testimony.

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