God in You!

Majority of the issues we deal with on a daily basis stem from our thought process. Thanks to Discipleship/Bible Study class, I am beginning to understand some fundamental truths in the Bible. For instance, when the Bible says evil communication corrupts good manners, I realize now that it’s not just those I associate with but actually what I hear from whatever associations I keep! Also, I am now conscious of how much I take what I hear to heart, that is, how deep I consider it. I have spent this past week meditating deeply on these truths and I arrived at this: wrong words sow wrong thoughts, thereby corrupting good manners!

Wrong words+ Wrong thoughts = Corrupt Manners 

(I choose to be conscious with this truth!)

Many times, I catch myself ‘considering’ wrong thoughts. They start with the popular ‘what ifs’. And end with peace provoking accusations and assumptions. The ‘what if’s’ are too numerous to mention and they usually tend to stimulate negative feelings in us. Personally, I recall siting in front of my psychiatrists when I was still a teenager and telling him, ‘People hate me’, ‘they don’t like me’, or ‘they think I am this or that….’ Those thoughts really taunted me and made me vulnerable in many ways. Eventually, I learned to pray over my thoughts, feelings and emotions; I still do! Here are some tips:

“Sweet Holy Spirit, please do not leave me to myself, because a child left to himself will bring you shame. Lord, please help me, I can’t help myself, I have never failed to acknowledge that! I need you now, now more than ever!”

“Father, it seems we are living in the last phases of the end time, Lord help us all to align to what is truly important and to consistently commit to doing the needful on a daily bases!”

Each time I mutter these words as prayers, tears well up in my eyes and my heart quakes with the need for God. We all need God. You don’t have to agree to make that statement true or false! Bottom line is that we all need God.

Irrespective of what you may be dealing with, where you are now, where you have been, how messed up you think you are or even how perfect you feel your life is, we all need God. Why? To start with, like I was recently reminded in our Discipleship/ Bible Study class, ‘this life we are living is not our life; it is God’s life in us’. Do you realize that? It is not your life, it is God’s life in you!

How do you honestly think you can maintain or live life without God? The story of the rich fool reflects this. He had accomplished so much, was so impressed with his life, his hard work and results, but failed to recognize God as his source and sustainer; he apparently believed the life was his. Soon the owner of his life showed up and took it. So you see, we really need God on a day by day, minute by minute, second by second basis.

My name is Precious, I was bipolar and I live a Full Life
Luke 12: 13 (NIV)

‘This life we are living is not our life; it is God’s life in us’. – Bidemi Mark-Mordi, Teacher, Bible Study/Discipleship Class. – http://www.bidemimarkmordi.com

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  1. Your thoughts are beautiful, you are doing a good thing, do not stop writing as it expresses your inner most thoughts. God is with you always and I am praying for much success in every area of your life. Peace…Love…Overflow Blessings to you

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