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Choose to be Joyful Regardless ….!

If you read this blog often you will observe that I always sign off each post with, “My name is Precious, I was bipolar and I live a full Life.” This is my declaration of faith in God, and it is my reality. Bipolar does not define me, neither should it define you if you have being diagnosed with it nor suspect it., describes bipolar as “a mental disorder characterized by periods of elevated mood and periods of depression.
A lot of people suffer from mental health issues, a larger percentage suffer from bipolar, if you are not observant you would write off the subtle signs of bipolar as normal everyday life occurrences. These symptoms vary from individuals and depend largely on what side of bipolar is displaying – manic episode or depression episode. You can read more about this
The essence of these details is that; just as being diagnosed with sickle cell anemia does not define the carrier, bipolar should not define you.
 Bipolar is not your identity and should not explain or determine how far you can go in life, should not limit your natural abilities, talents and gifts from finding expression in your everyday life. 
Having said that, please bear in mind that, aside following your doctors’ advice and adhering to your medications, you will need to commit to trusting God with your life. Recall from an older post, that this life you are living is not your life, its God’s life in you.
So how can you live a full life without involving the One who has life and gives life? The One who can make alive and Kill!*smile* (1 Samuel 2: 6a.)
We need to make trusting in God’s best for us a lifestyle not a convenient option. To survive the ordeal that comes with bipolar, God has to be your life! To start with He has to be your joy.
One of the predominant signs of bipolar is mood swing. It usually occurs on its own accord without any premonition. One minute you are excited, energetic, full of ideas, the next moment you are irritable, sad, confused, feel abandoned, feel not loved, and even start considering suicide*simle*. I am smiling because, as simple as this sound, it is the scaring truth and many individuals around the world have lost their lives to mood swings like this!
However, one thing I have observed about mood swings is that it expresses itself through our ‘feelings’. If we can consciously scrutinize our feelings (this sterns from our thought processes), and deliberately erase negatively feelings (because they give negative energy), then we will experience less mood swings!
Your life counts! Your life is valuable, irrespective of what you think or feel; you are valuable and essential to existence! Otherwise, the One who makes alive and can Kill, would not have allowed you into this earth! Do you understand what this implies?
This implies you have to recognize the source of your life, align to him and abide in Him. John 16:1. This implies that you are not moved by mood swings; what you feel, hear, see, and know! Not moved by what was meant to happen or what should not have happened. This Implies that regardless of what goes on, your Joy comes from the LORD who can Kill and make alive. 
Being Joyful is better that being happy! Joyfulness is the state of your mind as a result of trusting in God’s best for your life regardless of the prevailing circumstances you find yourself per time. Happiness is elation and a feeling of all is ‘great with me’ as a result of  something– some expectation that was achieved, in some cases, as a result of a new car, dress, house, a gift from a loved one, etcetera!. 
The way I see it, you can be a happy person and not be Joyful; but you can’t be joyful and not be happy.  I love the way Bola Salt Nelson-Essien, author of True Confession puts it, “Happiness is so fleeting. Joy is more enduring; …” Wouldn’t you rather be joyful?
Well, this is how I see it, how do you see it? Whichever, please also see that trusting in God’s best for us as a lifestyle is the one way to maintain your joy. Saleh!
My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full Life
 Lord, I receive your grace to be joyful always regardless of what may come my way, in Jesus name, Amen.

1 Samuel 2: 6a
True Confession – Bola Salt Nelson-Essien
John 16:1.

2 thoughts on “Living Life Joyfull!”

  1. Salt says:

    I cannot help but brag on God for your testimony Precious! You, by this post, have increased my joy!!! Because anyone or anything that makes God bigger in my eyes adds to the joy I have. God bless you!

  2. Precious Ben says:

    Thank you ma, your words are so encouraging! Thanks for finding time to read and comment. I appreciate your support for IDB and all things God.

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