Happy Birthday Mother!

Happy Birthday Mum, We Love you now and always!
Today, February 18 my mum is a year older! I am so excited and my heart explodes with gratitude to God for how He has Keep her all these years! Indeed mum, God is good! He is ever mindful of you! Happy Birthday!

As I write this my mind can’t stop going back to memory lane, but where do I start from?

Mother is intentional about her children. By this I mean she deliberately ensures she updates her data on every child regularly and timely, so even if I do not tell her what’s up with me, she knows.  I used to wonder how and why she has to know until I got married and became a mother also.

With my mother, the saying that, ‘the work of motherhood is never finished’comes real. Mother not only keeps check on her children, she ensures that the data on our friends and loved ones are up to date! She knows all our friends by name, and recalls most of our experiences as children. When I informed her about my desire to start blogging she was trilled, she not only previewed the first articles, and ensured I started, she encouraged me by saying, “I know you can write, as a child, you always loved to write” what form of encouragement could I have asked from the Lord than this?

I recall clearly how mother thought me contentment. Each time she handed me a new dress or gift bought for me, my first action as a child was to tear it open and start using it immediately, if it was a dress, I would quickly take off the one on me, and early wear the new one. Then I will run to her to show her, expecting her to say, ‘It looks beautiful on you’, or some other endearing remark. But No! Mother won’t do that. She will howl at me and say, ‘what happen to the one you were wearing?’, ‘can’t you be patient and wear this another time?’‘Can’t you?’Then will add her classic remark that has helped me over the years. ‘Why are you running after new things?’

When I fell really sick and was diagnosed with bipolar, I remember how she and my dad responded. Different responses both from the love angle! Dad pampered and pampered…mother simply showed me tough love,

she made me realize that I needed to get better and be discharged from the hospital to live my life as God has ordained  it, I needed to make a decision to be well.

In fact she would ask me, ‘why don’t you want to get well quick?’ The last time she visited me in the hospital her heart was torn, with tears in her eyes, she explained to me how much she had prayed, how much sacrifice she had to make to see me considering her circumstances then.

With a teary voice she asked me, ‘why don’t you want to get better?’ ‘Do you like to stay here?’ As the nurses reassured her that my health was improving, then and there I made up my mind to be better, to adjust my mind set, and focus on getting better!

My motivation then was, I didn’t want to see mum sad again or cry because of me. Somehow, despite my unconscious state of mind, I still knew she was my mum and I respected her role in my life, I wanted her to be happy with me!

Please join me today to celebrate this beautiful woman, who is a faithful wife, sister, Friend. She is a mother to seven children, grandma to four adorable children and still, this my mum is a beautiful young lady! I don’t know how she does it, but I know God took His time when He created you mum!

Happy Birthday, Mum!  May your new age bring you closer into the will of God for your life. May your labour of love and prayers over your children yield timely and enviable results. May You be favoured by God and man, May the earth beneath you yield favourable harvest for you and your household. May the Lord Keep you and Babo as the apple of His Eyes!  

We love You and are thankful to God for giving you to us because you are the best and only mother for us, only you can play the role of mother to us and still keep your mind despite our particular circumstances!

Thank you for teaching me responsibility, Thank you for teaching me life, Thank you for showing me God at a very tender age, for making me realise that without God my life would be empty! Mother, thank you for your prayers, because of them I can now make bold to say;

My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full Life….
Psalms 103: 1-5, Psalms 100.

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