Be Sincere With Yourself! Part B

Many times, when I read the virtuous woman’s story in Proverbs 31:10-31, I look inward to my life and the things I exhibit in the areas I am still learning excellence, I take a deep breath and mutter, “Lord, please help me, because I realize that I am not yet virtuous in every area of my life!”

It goes beyond speaking or declaring words like, “it is well”, “all things work together for good”, and “God makes all things beautiful in his time…”.While there’s nothing wrong with these, we need to be sincere with ourselves and make the necessary adjustments that will keep us from the way of negative consequences.

I believe in positive affirmations, and I will always do, but it’s important we commit to, in Sista B’s words, “living beyond and above reproach”. Why should one’s husband lose his mind in anger, before an annoying habit is stopped? Why should we go through the grief of losing great business because we did not meet the appointed time for a meeting? Or why should our friends and loved ones isolate themselves from us because we utter careless words?” Why? Why? Why?

Why do we sit complacently in one position celebrating yesterday’s success instead of improving ourselves and giving the best ‘us’ to our dreams?

Most of us (I inclusive) put ourselves, family and loved ones in jeopardy because of our indiscipline!

After facing the consequences of my indiscipline in time management last week, this week I am determined to form a better habit of time management. I woke up early as usual and did all my in-house duties with focus, acknowledging that I must leave the house at the designated time irrespective of what has to be achieved or what has not been achieved in my home. I was relieved to know that I could actually get to work as early as 7:30 AM!

I know this may sound vague to you, especially if you do not struggle with time management, but think of the other areas of your life where you are still a work in process, and ask the Lord for grace. More importantly, have a conversation with yourself, be honest with yourself, find out what will work for you and implement it.

Sincerity is the first step to forming new habits. Sincerity with one’s self will make one see things as they really are without any prejudice to self or the situation.

My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full Life

Father, I ask for your grace to be the virtuous woman that you will have me be. Father, help me to live a disciplined life so that I can deliver on my assignments, blameless in your sight and in peace.

Proverbs 31:10-31, Psalms 34:18

Sista B is also Known as Bidemi Mark-Mordi, she is one lady who is deliberate about impacting lives especially women, positively. I learn so much when I am around her! Read more about her on

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