International Women’s Day Celebration

Here’s a little Poem for Women! You can share with your wife, sister, mother, and all the women in your life!

She wakes up at odd hours of the day
To ensure her duties are executed with precision
She, regardless of her age knows, 
and understands that she is a woman
A woman, not a girl!
A woman who has heaven’s backing
And a unique ability to do so much
To accomplish great fits
To ensure that the world around her is a better place
So why do you think she doesn’t deserve a day kept aside to celebrate her?

To all the women of the world, whose sacrifices ear may not hear, and hearts may not understand. To ensure that good comes to all around her, I want to say, God sees you! Today, I join the world to celebrate you! 

Happy International Women’s Day

My Name Is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full life

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