Get Well Soon?

If ‘get well soon’ is your favourite word of encouragement when you visit a convalescent, then you need to recognise that getting well is just one phase in the recovery process.

When diseases plague our bodies, sometimes we take medication, other times, we choose to sleep, having faith in God’s ability to heal us, or we eat more wholesome meals or engage in more exercise. Somehow in the course of time, our bodies recover. But do our minds recover fully from the impact of that rude interruption?

The mind is a powerful tool. It houses our intellect, memory and imagination. I remember vividly when I was recovering from the first episode of manic depression, my mind played a very vital role. My mum was very upset each time she came visiting in the hospital because I wasn’t recovering fast as she expected. I recall telling myself in that state that I didn’t want her to cry because of me.

Having made up my mind to make her happy, I put myself together; I consciously gathered my thoughts and then started to comply with the nurses’ directives. I had a goal- to make my mum happy. In my heart, I knew the only way I could make her happy was to get well soon.

Beyond medication and counseling, persons suffering from mental health disorders need to make the conscious effort to get better. They need to identify a motivation and set a goal for their recovery process. 

I used to know a young woman who had two beautiful daughters, and after a many years of no relapse, she suddenly found herself admitted in the hospital for a manic relapse. Each time her children came visiting, the life in her will surge and you can tell that she loved her girls, it was not long; she focused on her medications, became well and was discharged.

I can relate this to everyday life. Some days come with so much joy, peace and happiness that you actually wish they would not go away. Other days, you wake up gloomy, sad, and with a sense of misdirection. That’s life for you! But like I said in my last post, it’s all in your perspective. 

The way you interpret the circumstances of your life will naturally determine what your response will be. Don’t let life happen to you. When you spend longer than necessary trying to get up from a fall, you are letting life happen to you! When you give an excuse for the things that are not working in your life you are letting life happen to you. When you capitalize on a health challenge as the reason why you didn’t get to do what God has asked you to do, you are letting life happen you!

Imagine what would have become of Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, if he had allowed life to happen to him by accepting the status quo in his family? Or what would have become of Rahab if she had resigned to her fate as a prostitute and not made an effort to reach out to the spies from Israel? The things that condemn us are the things that make us in the end. Today, rise beyond your circumstance and decide that enough is enough! Enough of victim mentality, of listening to the lies that pessimism sells. Rise beyond your situation and recover quickly.


Set a goal for yourself. Determine in your heart that you will be well again. When do you want to be well? When do you want to start living meaningfully again? If you are really tired of where you are now, then you will set a goal for when and how you want to come out.
Have a motivating thought. The woman with the issue of blood had this thought, ‘if I can touch the hem of his garment.’ That thought kept her going until she touched the Hem of Jesus’ garment.
Seek good advice. Good is relative. A good advice is one that will not hamper your God-ordained process/progress or hurt your loved ones when acted upon.
Breathe: By this I mean live. Choose to live. Don’t be entangled in those situations that will not allow you to breathe; to live in peace. Avoid strife by all means.
If you are recovering from a mental health disorder, take your medication and stick to the directives of the medical team in charge of your case. I wish you speedy recovery.


My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a Full Life.


Lord, heal my thoughts and my mind. Let your peace that passes all understanding reign supreme in my heart, in Jesus name, Amen.


Rahab-Joshua Chapter 2
Jabez- 1 Chronicles 4: 9-10
The woman with an issue of blood- Luke 8:40–56, Matthew 9:18–26, Mark 5:21–43

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