Stay at your duty post: Till your ground!

As 2015 ended, I received a divine assurance from Genesis 26:12 and some other specific scriptures, that irrespective of the economic atmosphere in my part of the world, my 2016 will be fruitful as long as I remained in sync with God.
With this assurance, I started Healthy Taste, a food company that processes fresh fruits into smoothie. It was an instant hit. Friends, family and people I didn’t know or never met before consistently purchased the drink. I was determined to fulfill my career and family obligations and to grow the business gradually so that I do not crash. Actually, I wanted to understand the nitty-gritty of the business before launching big so I ensured that I worked longer hours and most of the time, my sleeping hours was reduced.
As weeks past, I began noticing some warning signs of a possible breakdown but the joy and fulfillment of meeting a demand would not make me relent. Finally in March, I had a physical breakdown that sent me to bed rest in the hospital for five days! It was five days of reflective thinking for me. Five days of telling myself, ‘you are not a super woman, you should have heeded the signs, retreated, re-strategised and may be, just maybe, you would not have been sent on an unscheduled bed rest!’
To tell you the truth, since I had that experience, I have been so scared of going back to the business. My thinking is, ‘just focus on developing your career and on your family. But I had a mind shift when I was praying two nights ago and stumbled on Genesis 2:5c. It says:
“….for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground.”
How did I intend to be fruitful without sowing? Or will a seed grow if it has not been buried in the soil and nurtured? There can’t be any remarkable difference in the things we have been gifted or what we are passionate about if we are not willing to roll up our sleeves to till and sow in our ground. In tilling lies the work. ‘Tilling’ here means the brain work, funding, staffing, marketing etc, that is required in developing your skills or dream into buyable products. Yes, you have to till! Only the farmer who has sown can expect a harvest. I see it like this: Sow = Reap= Harvest.
What are you sowing in the lives around you? I have an ability to serve. In fact, I think it’s a gift. As I narrated in the above paragraphs, I was simply sowing my ability to serve by making a product that will satisfy a need in other people’s lives. It is my firm belief that depression and all those things that plague the mind will be stranded, i.e. they will not have an opportunity to fest on our minds or gain access into or lives if we are productively and proactively engaged.
We all pray for the rain of God’s blessing upon our lives, but that rain would not come if there is nothing to water. Stay at your duty post and till (nurture, cultivate, grow and enhance) your ground.We all have what it takes to succeed in whatever venture God has predestined us.
But do you even know this God personally? If yes, are you in sync with His plans for your life or the lives he has entrusted you with? No matter who you are, what you do, how much you earn or where you live, you can make positive impact, if you align with God’s thoughts for you.
My name is Precious. I was Bipolar, and I live a full Life.


Heavenly Father, as I receive fresh grace and wisdom to till my ground; I ask that you would cause your rain to water my ground and cause me to blossom again.


Kings James Version
Genesis 26
Genesis 2: 5

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