It was an interview session in one of the enviable organisations then and I was one of the fortunate fresh graduates invited to attend. When it got to my turn, it was obvious to the panel of interviewers that I was a very green graduate, having finished my National Youth Service Program barely two months before.

I was asked to defend why a Theatre Arts graduate like me felt I could do the job of a Marketing Executive? I replied, ‘I believe that all of life is a stage and we are all actors and actresses! That even while marketing I will be acting!

Of course some of them laughed; but that was not what earned me the job. The lead interviewer, gave me another look and said ‘so you are like a slate, a blank slate, and we can write on you?

It’s been some years since then, and I have changed jobs a few times, one trend I observe is that your words naturally convey your authority, anxiety, confidence, fear, joy, and sadness depending on the situation.

Recently, I was purchasing an item from an open market, I could not ignore the words the Manager used on the young lady attending to me, how could I?
Words like, “this girl is a real ‘confusionist’!”  and a range of insult in their local dialect.  I did not verbalise my thoughts but I imagined that if this girl didn’t have a strong hold on her self-esteem she could easily give in to inferiority complex.
Words are released daily, some hurt, others heal, the bottom line is that, folks believe that they are responsible for what they say not how what they say make you feel!
Have you ever stopped to wonder why some react or respond differently to words? Some react by being defensive and aggressive, others respond by mentally excusing the words that are met to hurt them.
Words are like stones, you have to be witty and calculative when you throw them otherwise it could land on a glass wall and break it, on a wooded surface and drop down or even a cemented surface and bounce back at you.
Bphope.com reaffirms this thought in a recent article, titled, ‘The big payoff of well-chosen words’stating that, “like an arrow, “wrong” words can be shape, piercing a person’s spirit, ripping away at self-esteem and making a person feel belittled or even betrayed…and especially vulnerable are people who have bi-polar disorder.”
Truly I have come to realise
  • That if people are responsible for what they say and not how what they say make you feel, then you must take responsibility for your emotions by not allowing negative words to take root in your heart.
  • That I can’t determine how folks should respond to me, but I can give them a clue by responding to them the way I desire to be treated in words and deeds.
  • That ‘Words’ are invisible but have very tangible, strong physical presence on life and its issues.
  •  That having a positive altitude to life will make me respond with love and not react to the sometimes not so kind words that come my way!
  •  I choose God’s words over mine and that of folks in my life; because God’s words are health and life to all my flesh.        
Teach me to always incline my heart to your words, so I can have the wisdom to deal with the words that I encounter daily. –Proverbs 4:20-22, Job 6: 25a-
Kindly Remember
  • That you have to take your medication(s) as prescribed by the doctors .
  • That you don’t have to avoid your appointments with your physician. 
  • That you have to rest well, eat healthy, exercise safely, and avoid stress.
  •  That you can pray over your medications that; they will work perfectly for you without side effects. 
  • That you can pray to God to perfect all that concerns your mental health.

References:  www.bphope.com

 My name is Precious, I was Bi-polar and I live a full life

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