Beyond Loneliness

I was on the internet trying to do some work when I came across the news of Robin Williams’ death. Even as I write this my heart is still nursing the hurt I felt that day. Earlier on I had posted, ‘Where are the Good Samaritans?’ I have spent the last week thinking about ‘everything’- the Robin Williams death, the Ebola saga and many more peace distorting news around the world.

 I have come to realize that if we all had one person, just one person, genuinely concerned about our personal welfare, most of the life threatening situations we face and mistakes we make will easily be averted. Now I know that , it’s only a supreme being that can be there for us at all times , because we all have issues we are dealing with on a daily basis and can easily forget those who have been entrusted into our care.

Recently, I woke up on a Saturday morning and I felt strange! I didn’t feel like talking to anyone, felt a strong sense of guilt from not being consistent with my obligations and upset about some situations around me. My first instinct was to be silent. So I was silent.

 After a while, I felt a nudge in my spirit to attend a church service I had gotten an invite for the previous day. I got off the bed, and got dressed. At this point, my PreciousRuby asked me, “I hope you are fine, you look stressed out.”  Despite explaining how I felt to him, he let me go for the service at 6:00am, but I could sense his worries and prayers over me.

To cut a long story short, when I got to the venue of the service, there was no one. The service was slated for the evening and not the morning hour as I had thought, yet I didn’t ’feel’ like going home.

 Eventually, I went to the church building where we fellowship, and sat still. Soon, I found myself in a conversation with God; I asked Him, ‘why do I feel this way today? He directed me to Psalms 63, drawing my attention to verse 7
“Because you have been my help,
Therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice”.
I thanked him immensely for being my ‘Help’ always and reinforced my resolve to rejoice always.
If you are an individual given to depression every now and then, you have to recognize that how you ‘feel’ is not a true reflection of the way things are. In an article on depression, suggests that depression “often does occur in response to problems in a person’s life.” You have to deliberately make a conscious decision to be happy before your medication and efforts can help you. I am sorry if this may annoy you, but there is truly no happiness or life outside of God. Can a fish live outside of water?

For me, Robin Williams death is a reflection of the fact that someone could be in the midst of so many people, friends and loved ones and still be lonely. It also reaffirms that, there is a God spaced vacuum in every one of us. It’s so easy to be carried away with activity and not pay attention to these vacuums. You know what, nature abhors vacuum, if you do not deliberately fill your vacuum something else could, for Robin Williams, it was the suicidal thoughts that kept coming each time he was alone, for some of us right now, it’s the fear of the ebola virus considering its recent trends…….enough! The list is endless! In times like these, you have to learn the act of abiding in God’s word, His peace and His love.

Remember that you deserve someone who is concerned about your welfare and committed to your wellbeing; first on that list is God. Make him your heavenly father and confidant and he will order the right people for each season into your life.  This is not a time to walk in fear and doubt, but rather trust God. Trust Him with your life and be encouraged with Paul’s advice to Timothy in 2 Timothy 3:14,
“But You must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them…”
Remain in God’s love!

My name is Precious, I was bipolar and I live a full Life

Heavenly father, just like the fish cannot survive outside of water, I cannot do without you. I ask that you will keep me in the centre of your love.
2 Timothy 3:14, Psalms 63

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  1. Anonymous says:

    God bless you for sharing!

  2. Salt says:

    And blossom you shall.blossom you shall for all you and I need to do so is in the centre of His Will.

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