Take solace in the Truth!

Recently, I read an anonymous story of a young lady who is nursing depression. Despite being on meds and having a psychiatrist, for her the battles with suicidal thoughts is real. In her words, “…sometimes I feel so tired, helpless, and unmotivated that I don’t see a point to living”.

‘Tired, helpless and unmotivated’ those words got me thinking deeply because in the past I had experienced those words and have an idea of what she was going through.

Prior to the delivery of our son, the doctors advised me to be on bed rest till delivery. I was seven months pregnant and in their professional opinion, the pregnancy was high risk and needed close monitoring. With an astonished look on my face, brows wriggled with a frown, and shocked surprise in my eyes, I re-echoed to myself, ‘bed rest!’

What exactly does this phase of my life entails? What would I be doing on the bed- eat and sleep, right? And what would become of my family? – Who would care for them? What about my job? – would it still be available when am back from ‘bed rest’? The questions flooded my heart like a torrent, fear and depression accompanying each question.

After a while, I came to term with the situation by praying. I asked my Heavenly Father, “Why do I have to go on bed rest now?” I have long come to realize that asking God ‘why’ gives me an opportunity to see situations from God’s perspective and God’s perspective brings peace. My Father’s reply was, “I brought you here to preserve you and preserve this baby because you are precious to Me”.

If I did not have access to hearing God through redemption, being compelled to bed rest could have led to depression. It is so easy to outline what is not working in our favour and forget the benefits of hindsight that gives the privilege to be thankful.

When you find yourself in a non-negotiable situation, knowing what God has to say about the situation and cultivating an attitude of thanksgiving will keep you too busy for depression to gain entrance to your heart. Rather than spend the three months bed rest lamenting, I discovered that it was an unusual opportunity for me to truly rest-  I mean all the hustle and bustle of Lagos life, the demands of being a home maker coupled with the fact that I was an expectant working class mum of one! I really needed the rest.

The rest was beautiful, I found out later that God sent me there on a mission to encourage other women I met there with His word. I got acquainted with very unique set of women who have changed my life for the better. The essence of today’s post is to encourage us to deliberately look out for the good in every situation we find ourselves. It was Paulo Coelho who said “Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.” In every ugly situation lies a beautiful sight, if we will do the hard work of looking out for God’s perspective and be thankful.

 My pastor usually says, ‘If you have lost anything, God is the reason you have not lost everything’. Can you beat that? Take solace in the truth, that God has loved us with an everlasting love and has drawn us with his loving- kindness. Take solace in the truth, that God’s thoughts for us are thoughts of peace, not of evil to give us an expected end. Take solace in the truth, that our Redeemer is Strong and Mighty! Take solace in GOD and rest in Him.

My name is Precious, I was bipolar and I live a full Life

Thank you because you are close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Father, save me from myself and give me grace to stick to your perspective and to be thankful always.
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