After The Storm Comes The Calm

I can identify with how Jesus’ disciples felt when they found themselves in the midst of the sea on a boat with Jesus. There was a sudden great tempest on the sea that rocked the boat with its waves. 

These past weeks has felt as if I was in that boat with Jesus! Like the disciples, I have had to ‘wake’ Him by praying, ‘Lord, save me! I cannot help myself!’ The reply I got was not different from what was said to the disciples, ‘why are you fearful, O you of little faith?’ Fearful? Wait a minute, I thought I had so much faith! After all, I mouth it loud all the time! The reality is found in James’ letter: ”Faith without works is vain”.

My question today is how are you managing your fearful, hopeless and doubtful moments? Or, how are you managing your joyful, restful and peaceful moments? It could be either way. 
Usually, after the storm comes the calm. Wise people know that, they are to plan ahead and pray ahead even in the absence of storms because in a stormy situation you may not be audible enough to hear yourself, how much more to be heard when you call out for help. What am I saying in essence? 

When you have made a commitment to trust God with your life, have enough ‘action-packed faith’ to know that God will not mismanage your life.

Living above the limitations of bipolar goes beyond taking your prescribed medications to making the right commitment to the right person. I have seen people who make this kind of commitment to a mere man like themselves and they were disappointed. Today, I want to stir up a desire in you to know more about the man called Jesus. Do you know him? A study of the gospel according to John is a good place to begin!
Peradventure, you know Jesus. You have even made a commitment to him in the past, and then somehow, you found out that you are no longer in sync with him. You can still trace your steps to Him and let Him set you on the path of life he has designed for you.

Regardless of the form of depression you may be faced with, know that a life of constant communication with God can help you stay out of depression. 

Feed your mind on positive content. If you are not sure, stick to the stories in the Bible, reputable authors and didactic sources of entertainment.
My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a Full life
Lord Jesus, I ask for the grace to know you more. Come into my heart today. Help me to live a full life, an abundant life.  In the midst of the struggles and chaos in the world today, give me your Peace.

Mark 4: 35-41
James 2:20-24 The Message (MSG) –


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