You have a part to play in ensuring a better world!

Could it be that the instinct to survive was what made the men who traveled with Jonah to form collaboration irrespective of their race, tribe and religious believes to find out what was the cause of the sudden storm they found themselves in?

I am of the opinion that it was their instinct to survive dominating over their instinct to multiply and invest, that lead them to throw the ‘wares’ they had purchased with ‘hard earned money’ into the sea, in an attempt to prevent a ship wreck.  In this story, every man was said to have cried unto “his god”, they were united and determined to survive and they cast lot to fish out the culprit- Jonah!

The events recorded in Jonah 1: 1-17 and my experience in my last post, was a wake-up call to me that, if we are wise, we will lay aside religious, ethnic, racial, educational, status differences to unite to fight and curb the situations that threatens our peaceful and purposeful existence on earth! 

We saw this happen when the Ebola virus was curbed in Nigeria- everyone united for the greater good! We saw this with the #BringBackOurGirls campaign founded by Professor Oby Ezekwesili. The success of this campaign being that people all over the world can identify with the pain the families of these girls are undergoing.  And the question of, what can be done to bring back the girls to their families still remains.

That said, the question on my heart today is what can you do to ensure that our world is free from Mental Health stigma? A lot of publicity and education went into eradicating the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS such that, today persons living with virus are loved, accepted and given an enabling environment to thrive. 

All I am saying is that, you and I have a part to play in ensuring that persons suffering from mental health disorders are given the needed support to thrive.

Medical attention and counselling should be accessible and affordable for them. They should not be treated as victims of their circumstances…They should be educated on how to manage their mental health; their care providers/ love ones should be educated on how to love them…

Well, I’m just saying it the way it is in my heart, because, my name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full life!

Jonah 1: 1-17
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Father, I ask that you will heal hearts and homes that are hurting because of the pain of their situations. Let your hope replace hopeless, let your joy be our strength, let us see and experience the goodness of playing our respective parts to ensure that our world is a safe place to live, in Jesus name, Amen.

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