What does Life mean to you?

These are a few thoughts of what life means to me. I will love to hear your thoughts on ‘Life’. It is only when we appreciate life, that we are able to give it all it takes! When we appreciate life, then we celebrate it, and live it meaningfully. One who values and celebrates life would hardly consider suicide as an option even in the toughest circumstance.

Life is an Opportunity…
a privileged responsibility!

Life is an opportunity to serve
An opportunity to live and let others live.
Life is an opportunity to enjoy the rich relationships that accompany our journey

Life is an opportunity…
an opportunity to forgive
An opportunity to give
An opportunity to love
An opportunity to serve the superior interest of the Supreme King!

So do not treat life with levity…
Life requires intentionality, determination, focus and purpose 
Renew your commitment to life!
Pay attention to your opportunities and utilize them effectively…

My name is Precious, I was bipolar and I live a full Life!

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