As I ate the last portion of water melon, I wished for more. It was ripe, sumptuous and delicious.  But like every beginning, the end had come for this ‘water melon’ experience. I cleaned my hands, sat straight and focused my thoughts on how and when the repair of my laptop will be attained. Then, out of the blues, I heard,

“…you finished it and didn’t invite me to join you”. Laughing, I replied, Sorry, I didn’t even know you were sitting next to me.

I was so engrossed in eating my delicious water melon fruit. I love the fruit. He was an elderly man, properly in his early fifties. He was curious to know why I loved the fruit so much. I went on to explain to him how I usually would eat the seeds and also the green skin of the water melon. It is my belief that the seed contains ‘Zinc’ and the green skin contains ‘chloride’. Please don’t ask me who told me that, I just said, it is my belief! LOL. Joke apart; when I chew the seeds of water melon, it tastes like crunchy roosted groundnut peas. The green skin of the water melon fruit can be snacked on when diced into portable shapes. It’s crunchy, taste like cucumber and like apple. These are descriptions from a regular water melon seed and green back eater!

My dear elderly man was pleasantly surprise, he said, “I always thought that the seeds will be edible but I needed someone else to affirm my thoughts. Are the seeds of cumber also edible?” He asked.  Yes. They are. I always eat them. I replied laughing hard.

He smiled nicely, and then frowned briefly, paused and looked really serious. “You seem to know much about fruits, let me ask you something…” then my phone rang. It was my PreciousRuby. I motioned to him that I needed to speak to my husband. When I was through with my call, I turn to see if he was gone. He was still there. Sir, you were about to ask me a question. I asked him, continuing the conversation. “Yes, are there fruits that can help manage diabetes?” He enquired.

He went on to explain how he first discovered that he had diabetes, how sad he felt to take daily medication for it and how it was changing his lifestyle. I listened intently, asking the Lord to give me the right words of encouragement for him.

I tried to make him see that eating fresh fruits can help improve his health but he still needed to take his prescribed medication while praying that God perfects all that concerns his health. I encouraged him to study his health and understand how diabetes was affecting him, to understand how his body was responding to the medication and above all, he needed to come to terms with the diagnosis.

Whether its diabetes, a failed relationship, an unhappy marriage, caring for a loved one who is ill, facing the loss of a loved one or job, discouraged because the funds are low yet expenses are on an increase, troubled about the sad news of insurgence, poverty, war and diseases outbreak that seem to be the headlines these days….one thing is sure, we need to face the reality of these situations through the lens of faith.

Relating this to mental health matters, many people diagnosed with bipolar disorder find it difficult to come to terms with the diagnosis. Facing the Reality of any given situation is one way to forge ahead by accepting that a change is needed. There can be no meaningful change if we do not acknowledge our present realities. Embracing your reality isn’t a license to self-pity.  It is my firm belief that when a reality check is done, the details become clearer. To start with, you are able to recognise the areas you need to work on, pray about and research on to get a fresh perspective.

Till the next post, my name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full life.



Lord, thank You. I’m grateful that my identity is in You. Who I really am is in you. Everything I need is in you. Help me to see what you see about my situation. Help me to see the world through your lens of faith. Lord, I’m so grateful because I recognize that you are Bigger than any situation that threatens my peace. Lord, indeed, you are big in me. You are Bigger!


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