If We Love…

Often, in the process of communicating, we get misunderstood or we misunderstand the motive behind a conversation. As important as the art of communication is, there will be no meaningful communication if we do not invest resources like time, money, patience, love, to say a few to ensure that our communication with the world around us is smooth.
Beyond the internet world (www.) there is first of all a physical world, a real world, one where people are just themselves, no pressure to present them in the light of what the internet world want to see. In this real world, love is what really matters. The question on my mind this morning as I write this: Is love still our motive? Or have we become so focused on our needs and wants and neglected the very core of our existence – love?
I love the way one of my Facebook friends said it on her timeline: “100, 200, even 1000 likes on this thing called social media mean nothing if we don’t live and love ourselves in the real world.“
Many people spend time on line sharing. But sharing without the intent to add value and to promote peace and love is worrisome! In my mind, sharing is living. Sharing is caring. Sharing is life and ultimately, to share is to love. But then, it would be impossible to truly love if our capacity to receive and interpret love is impaired.  It will be impossible for us to reach out to others who may be going through a phase if we are unable to gather our thoughts to gain the right perspective.
Again, why are we so busy with life- making money, making an effort to get married, making time count, making babies, making a statement, making an impression, making a show of every occasion, making everything look perfect yet our relationship with the giver of life, the author of love is just there! It would be difficult to live a fulfilled life if we do not do the things that make God smile. This week, I posted something on my Facebook timeline: “Beyond the happy pictures on social media, there are a lot of troubled hearts and teary eyes. Reach out to them with love.”
If we love, we will pay more attention to the rules of etiquette that govern the human relationships and communications.
If we love we would ask questions to gain clarity and not assume.
If we love we will be mindful of what God thinks about us and make Him first in all our conversations.
If we love we will be patient with one another.
If we love, an absence or presence of shares, likes, love, haha, wow, angry, dislike, and so on, would not influence our responses or affect our moods.
If we love, we will create time for one another in real life. We will call more often to check on ourselves!
If we love…
If we love…

If we love…
Do we truly love?

My name is Precious, I was Bipolar and I live a full Life

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, the cry of my heart is to love like you, to see what you see in everyone and to treat the way you would if you were in the physical form. Lord, help me to live out the love you described in 1 Corinthians 13. Thank you in advance for answered prayers.
Quote on Love by Shronda Johnson Peterson

“100, 200, even 1000 likes on this thing called social media mean nothing if we don’t live and love ourselves in the real world.“  

Written – 3:58am|August 05, 2017

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